“What was that piece?” Easy ways to find out!

It’s easy to identify the name of the piece and composer of most of the works played on WRR:

From any of our web pages….

The current and past three works are displayed on the right hand side of each page under the “Now Playing on WRR” heading.  This list updates periodically.  If the piece listed at the top isn’t what’s currently on air, be patient.

For works that aired in the past, you have two options.  First, click on “Playlists” on the menu bar near the top of any page.  This will show a list of the last thirty days including the current day’s date.  Select the day you’d like and the full playlist for that 24 hour period will be displayed including piece, composer, performers, recording company and catalog numbers.  The second option is to select “Recent Pieces” on the menu bar near the top of any page.  This will display the last 20 pieces we aired.  This is particularly helpful if you’re wondering about a work you just heard, or heard in the past few hours.

From the WRR streaming player…

The  player shows the current piece by default.  If you’re interested in a piece you heard in the past, click on “Menu” then select “Song History.”  The past 50 works that aired will be displayed. Admittedly, the player will sometimes get stuck on the last piece played before commercial breaks and syndicated programs.  It will revert to displaying the current works when regular, local WRR programming resumes.

If you’re looking for a piece that aired during one of our special programs….

Go to the “Programs and Hosts” tab on the menu bar near the top of any web page.  Click on the name of the program, then click on the “Playlists” link on that page.  Special Programs include Through the Night with Peter Van De Graaff, Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin, Millenium of Music, Wind and Rhythm, Fiesta, Pipedreams, From the Top, etc.