The new WRR101: All classical, all the time.

Starting January 3, 2023, WRR101 will present a new schedule, unveiling some new features and bringing back old favorites.

The announcer lineup will feature voices WRR listeners know and appreciate. Returning to the WRR101 airwaves, Kurt Rongey will get the day started with an uplifting music mix on Morning Classical with Kurt. Amy Bishop continues with her regular show, At Work with Amy during the workday. Nikki Velonis hosts The Homestretch during the afternoon drive. Matt Rogers will present a special Dinner Concert of lighter musical textures from 7-8 pm every weekday, followed by an Evening Concert presenting a wide spectrum of classical music old and new.

Here are some regular features that will be heard in the new year:

WRR Concert Hall, Monday nights at 8 – One way that WRR101 continues its commitment to our arts community is by bringing full concerts from our local venues to FM radio listeners in our area, as well as to streaming listeners across the globe.

Classics for Kids, Saturday mornings at 11 – This 6-minute entertaining and educational feature encapsulates a musical concept or personality in a way that demystifies and delights.

From the Top, Saturdays at noon – This well-loved show featuring pre-college age musicians returns to the WRR airwaves. Every week, it will leave you in awe of the best up-and-coming talent.

Performance Today, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 6 – Fred Child’s globetrotting show spotlights the best performing groups operating today.

Concierto, Saturday evenings at 7 – Frank Dominguez is the host of this program that presents music of Latin America and Spain in both Spanish and English.

Pipedreams, Sunday mornings at 8:00 – Michael Barone spotlights the continuing vitality of the king of instruments. This program continues its longtime run on WRR, now at a new time.

Sunday Baroque, Sunday mornings at 9:00 – Suzanne Bona proves the old can be ever new with the greatest of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and others of many nations, reflecting the rich worldwide community of performers who perform baroque music with conviction.

With Heart and Voice, Sundays at noon. Host Peter DuBois celebrates the deep beauty and spirituality of the choral music tradition.

Composer’s Datebook, weekday mornings at 6:50 – A short feature offering intriguing stories about the music and the people who create it.

Some other WRR101 exclusive features you’ll hear are:

The March of the Day, weekday mornings at 7:35 – WRR’s beloved dose of pep to get you in step for a great day.

The Road Rage Remedy, weekday mornings at 8:20 and weekday evenings at 5:20 – A moment of peace at the height of rush hour.

Arts Calendar, weekday afternoons at 3:50 – In collaboration with KERA 90.1, Nilufer Arsala gives an overview of upcoming arts events. (Start date TBA)

Classical a la carte, Sundays at 1 p.m. – an all-request program, putting WRR101 listeners to work as our music programmers. (Start date TBA, more details coming soon.)