What does WRR’s transition to KERA management mean?

(Updated January 17, 2023)

1. Is WRR being sold to KERA?

The City of Dallas will continue to own WRR, however, KERA now handles the station’s day-to-day management. The Dallas City Council unanimously approved this management agreement earlier in 2022, much to the excitement and joy of listeners and our local arts community. As part of the agreement, WRR will remain a locally programmed, classical station. This is not only a requirement of the agreement — it is KERA’s explicit wish.

2. What is changing on WRR?

KERA has transitioned WRR to a noncommercial, all-classical station, rather than a commercial station. Under this noncommercial format, listeners can expect to hear less advertising and even MORE of the classical music programming they love.

3. What does it mean to be “non-commercial?”

Commercial stations are largely funded by advertisers, and thus air long blocks of advertisements in between music sets. Comparatively, noncommercial stations do not air advertisements at all. They are largely supported by individuals who give to support the station, as well as funding from grants, corporate/foundation donations, and sponsorships. Occasionally you will hear sponsorship spots on the air, but there is significantly more airtime for music.

4. Will WRR stay in Fair Park?

Yes! As part of the terms of agreement, WRR will operate out of its studios in Fair Park for at least the next seven years.

5. Why did WRR discontinue the Sunday morning church broadcasts and Saturday morning financial shows?

KERA’s explicit goal is to keep WRR as a classical station, and serve listeners with more of what they love about the station — classical music. This means WRR is no longer airing any programming that is not explicitly classical music or classical music programming. This transition is in line with industry best practices to air programs that fit the station’s format — in this case, classical programming.

We are proud to deepen WRR’s commitment to classical music and the arts, but of course understand this may be a difficult transition for those who listen to beloved programs. Both KERA and WRR are so grateful to all of WRR’s broadcast partners over the years!

7. What will happen to the Friends of WRR?

The Friends of WRR have been very supportive of KERA’s management of WRR, and both KERA and WRR have been so thrilled to work in tandem with them through his process. Moving forward, the Friends will no longer fundraise on behalf of the station, and will instead serve as an Advisory Board for WRR and KERA.

We are so grateful to the Friends for their support, and we look forward to continuing to work together on our shared goal of expanding classical music and the arts for North Texas! Look out for opportunities to become a member of WRR in 2023!