The Texas Voices : A Time for Singing

Oct. 30

Season Opener! Enjoy a compelling variety of choral music exploring the mysteries of time, from a cappella to opera to vocal jazz, all beautifully set to the thoughtful poetry of such luminaries as Longfellow, Millay, Teasdale, and Rossetti.

Featured selections include: “Afternoon on a Hill” by Eric Barnum; “Silence of Time” by New York Voices; “Then Round About the Starry Throne” by G.F. Handel; “The Arrow and the Song” by Richard Waters, “No Time” arr. by Susan Brumfield; “All Night, All Day” arr. by Lela Anderson; “The Circle of Time” by Ellen Gilson Voth; and the Texas premiere of “This I Will Remember” by Debra Scroggins.

With Jim Loeffler, piano, and Robin Korevaar, clarinet
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church,
9200 Inwood Rd

Ticket price: $25 adults $20 seniors $10 students