The 12 Days of Christmas

Nov. 6-Jan. 8

Daytime viewing: 9am–5pm daily Nighttime viewing: 6–9pm Wed–Sun

The 12 Days of Christmas
outdoor exhibit features elaborate, 25-foot-tall Victorian-style gazebos encased in glass. With a music-box quality, the gazebos are filled with charming,
costumed characters, whimsical animals, and winter scenes made famous by the beloved Christmas carol.

Each gazebo will be encased in glass and extravagantly decorated on all sides to provide a dramatic, three-dimensional experience, and will feature mechanical
parts and festive music that will assist in bringing the characters to an even more life-like state.

Enjoy the .75-mile walk through the garden exhibit, as you witness these handcrafted gazebos spread across this winter wonderland.

Dallas Arboretum
8525 Garland Rd.

Ticket price: $15 daily $20 nighttime