Samuel Lynne Galleries David Yarrow Wild Encounters

Nov. 19-Dec. 23

Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm & Sunday 11 am-5 pm
Much like the photographs curated for the exhibition, Yarrow’s publication Wild Encounters, features a composite of his work captured over the years, containing exciting and fascinating tales of his adventures in the field. In the book, Yarrow chronicles his journeys, spanning all seven continents, through the utilization of map coordinates, allowing the reader to vicariously experience each species and culture alongside him. Yarrow’s striking and iconic photos have garnered international acclaim, earning him the title of the world’s best selling wildlife photographer.
Visiting some of the most isolated and pristine regions in the world, Yarrow photographs human and animal inhabitants in their natural, jaw-dropping environments. He goes to extraordinary lengths to capture his subjects in their most raw, authentic forms, often conducting extensive research and completely immersing himself in his subject’s habitat. His dedication to portraying nature’s most precious and dangerous wildlife is truly astonishing. Yarrow is not only devoted to depicting wildlife in its most genuine state, but is also committed to protecting it through his work as the affiliated photographer of Tusk Trust, a leading African conservation charity, for which HRH Prince William is the Royal Patron.

Samuel Lynne Galleries
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