Family Music Theatre presents The Pirate Queen

Oct. 14-29

The Pirate Queen, created by the impressive Les= Misérables writers, Schönberg and Boublil, presents an amazing story based on the life of 16th century Irish chieftain and pirate Grace O’Malley. In a time when Irish clans always had male rulers, Grace came to be an influential clan leader and representative for all of Ireland. Her colorful life, full of adventure, piracy, romance, battles, and court intrigue provides the fuel for this passionate and exciting musical. The Ireland of Grace’s time was being slowly and steadily conquered by England under the long-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth I. That the times should pit two remarkable women leaders against each other in an age when women had no power at all is one of the wonders of history, and it is what inspired this musical: face to face, the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, and the Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley.

Cedar Valley College Performance Hall
3030 N. Dallas Avenue
$8 – $15