10th Annual Grapevine Candlelight Tour of Homes

Nov. 5
4-7 pm

This year’s tour includes homes on East and West College Street, East Franklin Street and East Worth Street, along with a business located on Main Street. Tour participants can walk the tour route and also ride the complimentary shuttle buses that will be circulating throughout the event. The Candlelight Tour of Homes ends at 7 p.m.

Homes date from 1877 to 1996, and include small and large residences. Six homes are fully restored; two are not-yet restored and will soon be offered for sale. Come let your imagination run free as you visualize what could be done inside these two vintage homes, c. 1895 and 1924, to create a modern living space.
Candlelight Tour of Homes will begin at 4 p.m. at the Ted R. Ware Plaza, 206 W. Hudgins St., where wristbands can be purchased, tour books obtained and a complimentary wine tasting from Homestead Winery enjoyed.

Ticket price: $15