Focus on the Arts – The Arts Community Alliance….TACA

More than financial support for artists and performers, more than a partner for arts groups in North Texas, TACA, The Arts Community Alliance, is a driving force behind a vibrant arts community. Maura Sheffler of TACA tells that story with the voices of some of the people who make TACA what it has become today…Read more »

Focus on the Arts – the 2018 Lev Aronson Festival

Lev Aronson’s life story reads like a movie script and has already inspired at least one book. As the Sixth Cello Festival bearing his name goes through final preparations at SMU, Lev’s stepdaughter, Joy Jamerson, tells WRR’s Amy Bishop about the man who was much more than one of Dallas’ treasured musicians. sRead more »

Focus on the Arts – DSO Teen Council “Concert Etiquette”

Going to your first classical concert can seem intimidating at first… What do you wear? When do you clap? When should you arrive? In this podcast, members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Teen Council address these questions and more, plus give tips for those who are actually performing.Read more »