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March Countdown

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1 Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa)
2 Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back (Williams)
3 Aida Grand March (Verdi)
4 Pomp and Circumstance #1 (Elgar)
5 Semper Fidelis (Sousa)
6 Washington Post (Sousa)
7 Seventy Six Trombones (Willson)
8 Radetzky (Strauss)
9 Colonel Bogey (Alford)
10 El Capitan (Sousa)
11 Grandioso (Seitz)
12 Marche Slave (Tchaikovsky)
13 Entry of the Gladiators (Fucik)
14 Under the Double Eagle (JF Wagner)
14 PACHELBEL: Canon in D
15 Raiders March (Williams)
16 Procession of the Nobles (Rimsky)
17 Barnum and Bailey's Favorite (King)
18 Liberty Bell (Sousa)
19 March of the Toreadors (Bizet)
20 Turkish March - Ruins of Athens (Beethoven)

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