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Jul. 1 - Oct. 28
Tue-Sun 10 am-5 pm
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth: LUCIAN FREUD PORTRAITS
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
3200 Darnell Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Ticket Price: $10 adults $4 students/seniors
Lucian Freud is widely considered the greatest portrait painter of the twentieth century. His visceral renderings of people from all walks of life have a painterly and psychological drama that is unparalleled in contemporary art. For much of a century—from the late 1940s until his recent death in July 2011—Freud made the living human presence his subject. The Modern’s chief curator, Michael Auping, remarks, “While numerous generations of artists working in the genre of portraiture have come to rely on the photographic image, Freud always insisted on being in the room with his subjects as he painted. His portraits are not only the result of the artist’s intense observations, but often subtle interactions between painter and subject. His paintings represent these relationships, as well as the unique people they portray.” Freud’s subjects range from neighbors, friends, lovers, family, art world personalities, and royalty. His paintings are, in essence, a visual biography. For information: 817.738.9215 or







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