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Dec. 1 - Feb. 16
opening reception Dec. 1 5-8pm
PDNB Gallery presents MICHAEL KENNA
PDNB Gallery
1202 Dragon Street
Dallas, TX

Michael Kenna's black and white photographs are powerful and alluring. His imagery transports you to iconic and placid landscapes where you can gaze in solitude. Because Kenna makes such long exposures, often minutes or sometimes hours long, the landscape presents itself as something that cannot be seen with the naked eye, abstracting reality. This is a trademark of his work for which he has become legendary. Many themes reoccur in his work such as iconic architecture, serene seascapes, and seductive landscapes. There is no human presence in any of his photographs. Images of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge reveal Kenna's influence of the Modernist photographers, Karl Struss and Charles Sheeler. An isolated grouping of moors or a distant isle often interrupts his seascapes. Some critics might agree that his photographs of Asia are his best, starting with his work in Japan in 2001. (PDNB Gallery exhibited his Japan photographs in 2003). This is the time that Kenna found that the Asian landscape best matched his own aesthetic. Since then his photographic journeys included repeated travels to Japan, as well as China, Korea and other Eastern countries. For information: 214.969.1852 or







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