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Nov. 3 - 25
Saturday & Sunday Noon-5 p.m. opening reception Nov. 3 7-10 p.m.
500X presents Four in to One
500X Gallery
500 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX

Bruce Monroe- AIDS forms the core of my being and therefore the core source of much of my work. Much of my imagery alludes to a physical "safety net" that my doctor once warned me could only take so much of a beating before it failed and led to a cascading fall in health. With each cut I make in my work, I attempt to reconstruct the destruction of the body -- seeking the failure point of the material -- following with reinforcement to shore up and reconstitute the self. The resulting end is an embodied labyrinth of the myriad paths that anyone with a disease must follow to achieve a form of stasis within their own bodies and in the world. Michael Francis- . This work explores the fringes of our constructed world; spaces where nature begins to reclaim forgotten areas. Showing cycles of life, death and rebirth in dreamlike scenes that fade in and out of our consciousness. Bernardo Cantu- Bernardo navigates between the spaces of: 2d and 3d, fabric and paint, uncertainty and certainty, high art and low art, tex-mex border cultue and pop culture, minimal and baroque, painting and sculpture, sci fi and anthropology. John Alexander Taylor- Peso Whistle Park Growing up one of my favorite places was Penny Whistle Park - an indoor amusement park for children, which closed decades ago. In an effort to recall the fun-loving, exciting, colorful memories I created this work to expose my inner child through the seemingly impromptu carnivals that pop up in retail parking lots, particularly Hispanic grocery stores. I hope the images invoke carefree memories of childhood fun. For information: 214.828.1111 or







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