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Theatre Three presents Freudís Last Session
Theatre Three
2800 Routh Street
Dallas, TX

Ticket Price: $10 - $50
Itís September 3, 1939, the cusp of World War II and two weeks before Freudís death. On that day, 83-year-old Freud, the great psychiatrist (and avowed atheist) suffers from life-threatening cancer. He has, in the playwrightís imagination, somewhat mysteriously summoned Christian writer C. S. Lewis (then 40) to his London study. Bringing these two historical figures together is a clever dramatic construct, but doing it on that particular day is especially ingenious. A part of the prime minister's radio address provides a bit of a break from a just-begun-but-already-intense discussion about God, the Catholic Church and the hovering question of suicide. Intriguing biographical insights are woven into the strenuous yet witty arguments about belief, Lewisí friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien, and Freudís attention to ancient artifacts positioned on his desk. The play was inspired by Dr. Armand S. Nicholi Jr.'s 2003 book The Question of God. For information: 214-871-3300 or







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