Arts Calendar

Jul. 15 - Aug. 7
9 a.m.-noon
The Chestnut Square Prairie Adventure Camps
Chestnut Square
downtown McKinney
McKinney, TX

Ticket Price: $100
Textile Arts:  Weaving, hand spinning open to children ages 6-12 Old-time games:  Marbles, Jacks, Thaumatropes, Calling Cards Home Living:  Hearth cooking, butter churning, pie making, soap making Textile Arts:  Quilting Home Living:  Chicken pot pie, buttons, buttons, button, home-made ice cream Old-Time Games:  Dominoes, square dancing Blacksmithing Textile Arts:  Cross stitch, knitting Home Living:  Making candles, cornbread, Victorian house cleaning techniques Old-Time Games:  Rag dolls, dulcimer playing, string games Hopscotch Textile Arts:  Spool knitting, pillow making Home Living:  Flowers, Language of the Fan, Making pens and journals Old-Time Games:  Graces, Lemonade and Parlor Games, Tea and Scones For information: or







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