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Jun. 28 - Aug. 20Dallas Holocaust Museum presents Faces of the Ghetto: Their Lives Are Our Lessons
Dallas Holocaust Museum
211 North Record Street,
Dallas, TX

Within months of the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, the Germans established a ghetto in the city of Łódź and forced more than 160,000 Jews to move there. The Łódź Ghetto was overcrowded and unsanitary. Starvation quickly set in as conditions became unbearable. The Łódź Ghetto’s Jewish Council hired Mendel Grossman and Henryk Ross, Jewish photographers and inhabitants of the ghetto themselves, to take clandestine photos of Jews working inside the ghetto. The Jewish Council hoped the photos would prove to the Nazis that the work of Lodz’s Jewish inhabitants and therefore their lives were necessary to the war effort. Grossman and Ross took the photos at great personal risk. They went far beyond their mandate, taking thousands of private photos of Jewish life and conditions in Łódź. They managed to hide the photos before being deported and their photos ensured that the world would know of life in the ghetto—as captured on film by sympathetic observers. Faces of the Ghetto presents their work. The images capture the nearly imperceptible sparks of individual hope smoldering in the eyes of suffering Jewish men, women, and children--as if to say where ever there is life, there is hope. For information: 214.741.7500 or







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