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Jan. 11 - Mar. 1
Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
The McKinney Avenue Contemporary,
3120 McKinney Avenue,
Dallas, TX

From microscopes to video animations to time-lapse photography to rapid prototype sculpture, While Darkness Sleeps, is an ode to nature's delicacy and decay. High technology tools extend our vision to access sites yet unknown, while at the same time, such intrusions can be dire. While Darkness Sleeps brings together underwater motifs of animals that look like flowers, "vanitas" in Petrie dishes inspired by art history, porcelain sponge sculptures that appear as coral or meteorites, and high tech 3-D extruded sculptures which reference tiny wondrous landscapes. AQUA-CULTURE, a group exhibition curated by Henry G. Sanchez featuring Zach Moser and Eric Leshinsky of Shrimp Boat Projects, Brenda Perry, Irene J. Klaver and Henry G. Sanchez, showcases artist initiated projects that contribute to the widening discussion of the issues surrounding the uses, management and engagements with water sources, water ways and water bodies. The participants of this exhibition produce work by employing interdisciplinary practices and participatory forms of social engagement and collaboration with a philosophical inquiry into exploring an inter-relationship with a more aquatic-centric culture. By combining non-art related expertise with the expertise of the artist, the exhibition allows viewers to re-frame, experience and re-imagine complicated local and global water issues. The MAC is pleased to welcome Paul Bryan for his first major solo exhibition in Dallas. Bryan will exhibit Believe It Anyway!, a series of silent short films which depict five stories from the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The films were created in collaboration with Chris Ramos who, drawing inspiration from music of both Jewish and Christian traditions, wrote and conducted the original score for each of the films. For information: 214-953-1212 or







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