Arts Calendar

Jan. 17 - Feb. 1
8:00 pm
MainStage Irving-Las Colinas presents An Act of the Imagination
Dupree Theatre, Irving Arts Center
3333 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Irving , TX

Ticket Price: $16-21
Eccentric author, Arthur Putnam is a successful British mystery writer, but his latest work has oddly turned into a vivid and adulterous romance. His son, second wife, and editor marvel at the remarkable candor of the work, peculiar since it is unimaginable that he, straight-laced and stuffy Arthur, could ever have had such a tumultuous affair. Enter a woman, who is intent on blackmail and whose story is foolproof and airtight. When she turns up dead, evidence incriminates Arthur. Is Arthur guilty, or is this an ingeniously plotted conspiracy to do him in? Trysts, twists and turns… till the curtain falls! For information: (972) 252-2787 or







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