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Jul. 20

8 p.m.
Night Of Comedy @ The SDCC
South Dallas Cultural Center
3400 South Fitzhugh
Dallas, TX

Ticket Price: $10
Black Vision Film Series presents A Night of Comedy Featuring "The Mis-Adventures of the Awkward Black Girl" marathon, stand up comedians, a funny Q&A and really cool door prizes. "TM-AOTABG" is a comedy web series created by and starring Issa Rae. The show follows the life of 'J' as she interacts with co-workers and love interests who place her in UNCOMFORTABLE situations. This series is laugh-out-loud funny!!! You are guaranteed to see an awkward situation that you have actually experienced yourself. So, if you are in need of a good laugh - the SDCC is the place to be. And just know that when you get here and your scenario pops on the screen we won't be laughing at you we will be laughing with you ;-) For information: 214.939.2787 or







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