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Jun. 20 - Jul. 19
Wednesday-Friday 8:15 p.m.
Shakespeare Dallas presents Pericles
Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre
1500 Tenison
Dallas, TX

Pericles seeks the hand of Antiochus' daughter, only to solve a fatal riddle which may get him killed. He leaves Tyre to flee assassination attempts and embarks on an epic journey. His first stop is in Tarsus, where he brings food to the starving. He moves on and is shipwrecked on the shores of Pentapolis. From there, he enters the court as a suitor to Thaisa. Meanwhile in Tyre, civil unrest brews. Helicanus, ruling as lord until Pericles returns, is persuaded to usurp the throne should Pericles not return within the year. Pericles receives the news and departs for Tyre with his pregnant wife Thaisa, who gives birth aboard the ship and, presumed dead, is thrown overboard. Pericles leaves for Tarsus with his daughter Marina in the care of King Cleon and Queen Dionyza. The Queen becomes jealous of Marina's character and tries to have her murdered, but Marina is captured by pirates. She is sold to be a prostitute. Pericles goes to rescue his daughter, right what has gone amiss, and still hopes to return to rule again. For information: or







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