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May. 3 - Jun. 9Ro2 Art presents JUSTIN GINSBERG: Mesophase
110 N. Akard,
Dallas, TX

Sparked by my intrigue into the properties of materials and the preciousness of action, I am attempting to abandon traditional methods, seeking new ways to engage process and object. I challenge the perceived boundaries of material and the presumed nature of things, often relying on metaphor and gesture, to express my interest into my own fragile existence. The work utilizes liquid molten glass in non traditional means, allowing it to engage in extreme and often violent interactions with outside forces. The title 'Mesophase,' is suggestive of my attempts to capture a material in a precarious state of transition. The work represents my peregrination of the hazy boundary between creation and the potential for destruction. There is a desire to hold onto these moments of transition and preserve them in their current state. This is that effort and struggle. For information: (214) 803-9575 or







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