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Apr. 27 - May. 18
Tuesday-Saturday noon-6 p.m.
Return to Fantasy: Paintings by Sergey Chernomorets at the Bath House Cultural Center
Bath House Cultural Center
512 East Lawther Drive
Dallas, TX

Sergey Chernomorets, an artist from Ukraine who now lives in Dallas, has received considerable praise for his artwork ever since he started painting at a young age. Early on, prominent figures from the art world of Russia began to pay attention to the imaginative artwork by the young creator who, by the age of five, had been declared a child prodigy and, by age seven, had been given assignments to exhibit his paintings in Russia, Germany and Italy. With an extraordinary academic and professional career, Mr. Chernomorets became a highly accomplished artist that captured the interest and recognition of the public, the critics, and other artists, who often referred to him as a "storyteller with a brush." Return to Fantasy is a collection of more than twenty oil paintings that express the artist's interest in color, symbolism, architecture, movement, literature, music, beauty, and design. His works encompass the entire gambit from abstract to portraiture so realistic that the viewer almost expects the subject to speak. His intricate designs are evocative of scenes from a theatrical performance on the stage, full of human interaction, interesting lighting, high drama, and a captivating story unfolding before the viewer's eyes. For information: 214.670.8723 or







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