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May. 10 - 26
Thursday at 7 p.m. Friday & Saturday at 8 p.m. & Sunday at 3 p.m.
Teatro Dallas presents "La Mica"
Teatro Dallas
1331 Record Crossing Rd
Dallas, TX

Ticket Price: $5-$16
"La Mica" (a Costa Rican word for monkey) is a classic love story that follows three brothers as they interact with an evil witch and her victim, "La Mica." During their journey, destiny challenges their ability to see beyond appearances in order to connect with the inner beauty of people. Like many classic fairy tales, this family show is rife with symbolic undertones as it explores cruelty and the triumph of love through magic, music, and poetry. "La Mica" is part of the book "Los Cuentos de mi Tía Panchita" (The Stories of My Aunt Panchita, a nickname for Francisca), and like the rest of the stories from the book, "La Mica" is the syncretism of European and Indian traditions. Its author, Carmen Lyra, born in January 15, 1887, has become an identity of Costa Rica's culture in general. Today the image of her face is used in $20,000 "colones" bills, and "Carmen Lyra Awards" are given for various literary disciplines. For information: or







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