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Apr. 3 - 14
Friday 8 pm, Saturday 2/8 pm, Sunday 3 pm
Pantagleize Theatre presents The Ghost Sonata
Pantagleize Theatre
1115 West Rio Grande
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Ticket Price: $10-17
Considered Strindberg’s best chamber play, it’s one of the most macabre stage dramas and a forerunner of expressionist theater. A student is drawn into a ghostly house by a vampirish old man and a beautiful young woman. The dreamlike realm within is haunted by ghosts of the dead and living dead: mummy, wandering corpse, creepy butler, unsavory cook, spectral milkmaid and gloomy lady in black. To free the beauty, the student must negotiate the collapsing web of cruelty, greed, and manipulation that unites these characters. Join the struggle for salvation in this immersive adaption of Strindberg’s dream. For information: (817) 810-0850 or







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