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Apr. 6

7 p.m.
Orchestra of New Spain presents Boccherini and his Two Cellos
Zion Lutheran Church
6121 E. Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX

Ticket Price: $10-$25
Luigi Boccherini was an internationally known phenomenon when he moved from Madrid to the richly gardened Spring Palace of Aranjuez in the 1760s to play in the court's opera orchestra. Great cellist of his day, he is known to have written several works with two cello parts, not your usual baroque orchestra practice. His countryman, Francisco Courcelle, chapel master and composer, in charge of animating the Aranjuez Palace with music, also wrote works for two cellos. Eric Smith, Texas based specialist in baroque cello, is featured in the next concert of the Orchestra of New Spain with works by both composers as well as our own rendition of a Spanish Folia--medieval dance form--from our recent triumphant production of "Cupid's New Weapons of Love." For information: 214-750-1492 or







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