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Feb. 8 - Mar. 31
reception Feb. 21 6-8 p.m.
St. Matthew’s Cathedral Arts presents Exhibition of Photographs by Bob Munro
Great Hall Gallery
5100 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX

St. Matthew’s Cathedral Arts, the new center for arts and culture in East Dallas, will present a FREE exhibition of photographs by Bob Munro. Photographic artist Bob Munro's exhibit reflects his journey and life lessons as he learned the importance of slowing down, following the path of one's heart, and honoring the art of silence. This exhibit features photographic images of sacred places and sacred moments from Munro's countless global sojourns. He usually takes the road less traveled, viewing our global community through different eyes providing a more enriching experience. In most of his travels, the lesson learned rests in the journey itself and not in the final sacred destination. He captures these sacred moments through photography, thereby freezing in time the present moment, illustrating the sacredness in the ordinary we often miss in our hectic lives. Munro's hope is that we pause each day to experience the beauty around us, to realize the hidden power of sacred moments and to give thanks for our blessings. May this exhibit remind us that the peaceful mind rejoices in the art of silence. For information: 214-887-6552 or







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