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Mar. 9 - Apr. 13
opening reception March 9 7-9 p.m.
Bath House Cultural Center presents John Kingerlee: Turning to the Light
Bath House Cultural Center
521 E. Lawther
Dallas, TX

Presented in collaboration with Alan Barnes Fine Art. John Kingerlee, considered by critics and scholars as a master of contemporary European art, lives and works in a remote and isolated area in the southwest corner of Ireland, where he finds himself surrounded and inspired by the wild and untamed nature of the environment. It is in this stark coastal region of the Beara Peninsula in West Cork--the westernmost point in Europe-- where the artist and his wife, Mo, live what appears, at least at first sight, as a solitary life. The couple, however, has adjusted quite creatively to the challenges of living a life away from society. Although he was already a prolific writer and painter in his native England well into his forties, Mr. Kingerlee's distinctive style began to emerge more prominently when he started traveling to Spain and Morocco and when he moved to Ireland in the early 1980s. The Irish setting offered the artist a new home and gave him the austere but magnificent beauty and intricacy of the terrain, the mesmerizing textures of the landscape, the power of the ocean and mountains that frame his living, and a unique chance for deep contemplation away from civilization. Mr. Kingerlee's love for his new home lead him to take Irish citizenship in 2010. This exhibition is the largest collection of artwork by Mr. Kingerlee to be exhibited in a public art institution in Texas in more than three years. For information: 214.670.8723 or







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