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Feb. 20

8:00 pm
Open Classical presents Keron Jackson
AllGood Cafe
2934 Main St
Dallas, TX 75226

Ticket Price: $10
Keron Jackson (Dallas Opera) highlights this concert featuring masterworks that were nearly lost to history. He joins an amplified string quartet and piano to bring classical pieces alive like never experienced before. Schubertís unfinished 15th string quartet consists of one masterful movement, but was discovered by Brahms decades later. Brahmsí own piano quintet, which began life as a string quintet and later a 2 piano work, was nearly destroyed by the composer himself, like so many of his other works, before finding its final version presented here. And, certainly the most astonishing gem saved by a twist of fate is none other than soloist Keron Jackson himself. From homeless to one of the most astounding vocal talents of today, his story will move you as much as his jaw dropping voice. For information: (214) 699-6982 or







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