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Feb. 10

5 p.m.
heavenly harmony concert at Christ the King Catholic Church
Christ the King Catholic Church
8017 Preston Rd  
Dallas, TX

The ensemble Armonia Celeste (Italian for “heavenly harmony”) brings the music of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque eras vividly to life for audiences across America. With three female voices singing in close harmony accompanied by plucked-string period instruments, the musicians of Armonia Celeste infuse their historically informed performances with unforgettable passion and joy. Armonia Celeste presents "The Rebel Queen: Christina's Swedish Court in Rome," reflecting the controversial life a young queen who shockingly abdicated her throne, converted to the Catholic faith, and moved to Rome where she became one of the prime patrons of the arts. Armonia Celeste’s program features exquisite sacred music from Christina’s chapels and virtuosic secular pieces from her courts, written by such luminaries of the time as Carissimi and Rossi. For information: or







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