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Apr. 13 - Jul. 27
Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm
1405 Turtle Creek Boulevard
Dallas, TX

Rees plays with the boundaries between what can be considered painting, installation or sculpture and focuses on the process-related aspects of his work. He uses subtle and explicit strategies of appropriation, often with humour to challenge the dominant narrative of art history. For one of his works, A Good Idea Is A Good Idea, Rees reproduced famous oeuvres by Malevich, Mondrian, and de Kooning, among others, on several copies of the Beatlesí White Album covers. Reesí admiration for these artists seems to also contain a sense of frustration; a feeling related to the struggling research that most contemporary artists have to undertake in order to find their voice in the shade of the masters. In particular, Rees emphasizes the need to position his work in relation to the over-idealized heritage of conceptual art, which is extremely influential in the development of contemporary art. For information: 214.696.0555 or







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