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Jan. 12 - Feb. 16
Wed - Sat noon-5pm opening reception Jan. 12 6-8 p.m.
NEW WORK BY ANGELA KALLUS at Marty Walker Gallery
Marty Walker Gallery
2135 Farrington Street
Dallas, TX

A master of paint as sculpture, Kallus covers canvases with exquisitely sculpted rose blooms of varying sizes and tones. Using strict control of paint to create delicate and purposeful formations, Kallus builds up layers of petals that undulate like ripples across a rose-covered surface. For such a simple subject, the paintings are complexly symbolic, both an indulgence of luxury while also a trickery of senses. They are feminine and familiar, yet strangely alien. The beheaded blooms fulfill the fantasy of a soft bed of roses too numerous to count, absent of thorns and inviting interaction. The thorn, however, stings in knowing that the petals are hardened pigment and remain a prop to the imagination. Like the subtle forms in Maya Lin landscapes where light, shadow, color, and volume are prominent players, the viewer engages in a sensual interaction as much as a psychological one. For information: 214.749.0066 or







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