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Dec. 14

7-9 p.m.
Special Exhibition and Silent Auction Fundraiser for Patrick Short at Ro2 Art
Ro2 Art Downtown Projects
110 N. Akard
Dallas, TX

Artists donating work from around the country whose lives Patrick has affected include: Anne Albagli (San Francisco), Lynne Allen (Boston), Jesse Morgan Barnett (Dallas), Jennifer Caine (Boston), Dana Clancy (Boston), Kristen Cochran (Dallas), Hannah Cole (NYC), Deborah Cornell (Boston), Matthew Cusick (Dallas), Gabriel Dawe (Dallas), Erika Duque (Fort Worth), Carolina Duque (NYC), Sarah Edwards (San Francisco), Cassandra Emswiler (Dallas), Gary Farrelly (Ireland), Leah Foster (NYC), Michael Garguilo (Detroit), Joshua Goode (Dallas), Jill Grimes (Boston), Monica Gunderson (NYC), Rachel Hellman (Boston), Elizabeth Livingston (NYC), Lindsay McCulloch (Washington DC), Lydia Musco (Boston), Dushko Petrovich (Boston), Teresa Rafidi (Dallas), Harold Reddicliffe (Boston), Ryder Richards (Dallas), Richard Ryan (Boston), Lucia Simek (Dallas), Lisa Townley (Boston), Andrew Douglas Underwood (Dallas), Bartek Walicki (NYC), Andrew Wick (Dallas) Bidding will be for ONE NIGHT ONLY! For information: 214-803-9575 or







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