United Methodist church the colony presents Seven Last Words

United Methodist Church The Colony presents

Seven Last Words

April 19

7 pm

First United Methodist Church The Colony presents the Seven Last Words by Michael John Trotta with soloists, choir, and orchestra on Good Friday, the day commemorating the Crucifixion of Christ.

From the early days of Christianity, Good Friday was observed as a day of sorrow and penance, and Christians have gathered together to remember this day, listening to the passion story. The Seven Last Words of Christ from the Cross are seven sayings uttered by Jesus between his crucifixion and death at Calvary as recorded in the four Canonical Gospels. Many composers have been inspired by these texts and have set them to music since 1500.

Trotta’s seven-movement choral journey through the Passion will be a meaningful opportunity to think about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as we share this special service with the people in our community.


United Methodist Church The Colony
4901 Paige Road
The Colony

Event Website: http://www.fumctc.org