Un Medley of Memorias; Works by: Wendi Ruth Valladares at the oak Cliff Cultural Center

Sept. 7-Oct. 11

Wendi Ruth Valladares brings her body of work, ‘Un Medley of Memorias’ to the Oak Cliff Cultural Center

This exhibition highlights artwork by emerging visual artist Wendi Ruth Valladares. The exhibition Un Medley of Memorias encompasses a collection of 2D prints and installation works focused on the artist’s fascination with the ever evolving Chicano & Spanglish culture in America. Her use of English, Spanish, and Spanglish text, vintage children’s toys, and domestic spaces are used to bring attention on how individuals learn & develop cultural identity. Within her wallpaper patterns she references the Aztec indigenous Mexican culture alongside the present Mestizo Chicano culture. Drawing from her personal life history and experiences, this collection of artwork aims to speak to both the personal and the collective identity, to the English and the Spanish speaker.


Oak Cliff Cultural Center

223 W. Jefferson Blvd,