Timeless Concerts Casual Night At the Museum

July 20

8 pm

Our tenors will be without tuxes! That’s right, come as you are, shorts or sundresses, jeans or moomoos, we will be totally casual! We will have a different kind of concert experience for you! The art on exhibit will include sculptures on the main gallery level, standing where our audience table seating and the grand piano are usually set up for Timeless Concerts. Therefore, we’ll be in the lower level, which has a stage and a crescent-shaped area of seating. If you have ever looked over the iron railing from the main gallery, then you have seen it. We will be more casual, no specific theme of music, nearly anything goes!  Expect to hear wonderful music from around the world, contemporary as well as classical.

Complimentary beverages served.

Performers include violinist LeeAnne Chenoweth, pianist Heejung Kang, (cellist Sara Birnbaum Hood will be taking off the summer), violist Michael MacLaughlin, soprano Judith Rodriguez, plus tenors Sergio Cepeda and Don O’Neal LeBlanc.


Arlington Museum of Art,

201 W. Main Street