The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture presents A BOOK GROUP FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS

Sept. 18-Dec. 17

Wednesdays and Tuesdays

7 pm

After the Baby Boomers came the Gen Xers, Xennials, and Millennials. Conventional wisdom has it that these groups don’t read, or don’t read very much, or read a lot–even more than older adults–but shorter things such as newspaper, magazine, or Wikipedia articles. Definitely not books. This new group goes against conventional wisdom and aims to include young professionals wanting to connect with others through literature, history, biography, memoir–whatever the group decides from month to month–with in-depth conversations led by experts on compelling subjects. If you’re a young professional and like reading books, or think you’d like it, you should give this group a try. Join early and help us select the first book.


The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture
2719 Routh St

Ticket price: $25 per session $100 full semester