St. Matthew’s Cathedral Arts : The Supernatural Among Us: Photography by Roger Shackelford

Sept. 15-Oct. 31

The majority of my photographs are composed in-camera without Photoshop. They are not photo-composites. I shoot from two to eight exposures on a single frame of 120mm film using either an 80mm lens, handmade pinhole, or a combination of both. These combinations are like meditation in that I never see the final image until the film is processed. In the meantime, I consider color, shape and form as I overlap exposures. Unlike a regular camera, you cannot look through the lens of a pinhole because it is a camera without a lens. I sometimes use masks to cover portions of the 80mm lens as I juxtapose images in relation to one another in multiple exposures. The film negative allows me to shoot at different locations on different days as I combine images, unlike a digital camera. I use this process to facilitate meditative or transcendent images that look familiar but are strange to the known or real world.” – Roger Shackelford


Justus Sundermann Gallery
5100 Ross Avenue