Samuel Lynne Galleries Presents Metis Atash: Soulmates

May 11-June 15

Fine artist Metis Atash returns to Samuel Lynne Galleries – Dallas this May to exhibit her new collection of Swarovski crystal Punk BuddhasElephants, and Skulls.

Born and raised in Munich, Metis Atash is German by nationality, but truly a citizen of the world. Her vast global travels led her to the Indonesian Island of Bali, where the lifestyle, culture, and philosophies quickly resonated with her, and eventually became the trajectory for her artistic style and her purpose as an artist. Bali is a place where love is the only energy to be found, and the location has appropriately become the source of inspiration for her work. These unique sculptures are a fusion of worldly pleasures and spiritual insights, which have come to redefine the meaning of living. The sculptural figures radiate a presence far greater than their size, due to their sparkling materiality and strong totemic essence.

Samuel Lynne Galleries
1105 Dragon St.,