Samuel Lynne Galleries Presents Brandon Boyd: Impossible Knots

March 28-May 11

A Los Angeles, CA native, Boyd is famously recognized as the vocalist and frontman of Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling rock band, Incubus, but it is not what defines him. Boyd has been creating visual art since he was a child, often drawing and painting intersecting lines and colliding topographies. This new body of work focuses on Boyd’s somewhat obsessive and repetitious exploration of the nature of lines and what these miniature highways mean to him.

Boyd states that, “It seems appropriate to call this newest body of work ‘Impossible Knots’. Not because the knots are accepted in their coiled, confused and chaotic present, but because it’s implicit in the word ‘Impossible’ to find out what is possible once those spiraling snags are loosened.”

Samuel Lynne Galleries
1105 Dragon S