Pardieu Gallery presents Resurrection: Inhabiting Easter

April 13-May 25

Gwen Meharg April 13th – May 25th

Gwen Meharg uses abstraction to conceptually portray hope: “Since hope is an idea I see no end to the possibilities. Abstraction makes room for the viewer

to interject their experiences into the work.”


For Meharg, it is not the technique which defines her art but rather the heart: “I am not painting a technique, I am painting a story of hope.  Maybe it

is akin to home-baked bread and a loaf wrapped in plastic from the grocery store shelf. Somehow love gets kneaded into the homemade bread and it just tastes



Gwen Mehargs latest work explores the resurrection: ”The resurrection is a historical event and a daily choice.  There is significance beyond Easter morning.

The days, the joys and sorrows, compress with age. We each carry a lifetime of days, a lifetime of marks. Each mark on the painting is unique and each

day is part of a greater whole. My niece lived 9,141 days.  My father 32,667. I do not know how many marks my painting carries, I just made marks until

it was complete. No one knows the quantity of their marks until they reach the end.


Each mark is a prayer. Each mark is a testament of forgiveness.  Each mark proffers new mercies. Each mark explores the power of resurrection to weave

individual days into a beautiful whole. My paintings are filled with stubborn hope. The hope in a resurrection that was and is and is to come­­­.


God’s mercies are new every morning, this is a daily practice of trust, surrender and expectation. A path toward inhabiting the resurrection story in the twenty-first century.


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