Oral Fixation presents Freedman’s Town to Botham Jean: Stories For Racial Healing

May 21

7 pm

This transformative storytelling experience is directed by Dr. Njoki McElroy and

produced by Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales)’s Nicole Stewart. These stories provide historical context to racial tension between blacks and whites in Dallas while offering a very personal lens through which to understand our wounds so we may heal as a city.

Dr. Njoki McElroy gives us a glimpse into life in Freedman’s Town in the 1930s when black
people carved out a safe place for their families and businesses to thrive. Donald Payton came
of age when Dallas was still rigidly segregated then slowly witnessed the city allowing for
improved conditions for black people and the desegregation of institutions. Alice Basey talks
about the the daily travails of being black in Dallas from being evicted from affordable housing
to make way for luxury buildings to just trying to use the restroom in a restaurant while black.
Dana Proulx-Willis weaves a surprising tale of growing up in Dallas as a privileged white
person with a shocking family secret that explains her brother’s darker skin and Afro. Heika
Smith throws the covers off of her family’s attitudes about black people in order for her to heal
and to pass on a different set of values to her own children. Jane Terrell grew up as a mixed
child in England but has lived her adult life in America- she takes us to school regarding the
stark difference in racism in the two countries. Jeremy Bonner gives a riveting firsthand
account of his friendship with Botham Jean and the heartbreaking story of the night Botham’s
beloved sister received the call from the hospital saying that Botham had been shot in his
apartment and had succumbed to his injuries.


Moody Performance Hall
2520 Flora Street

Ticket price: $10-$25