Haley Henman Gallery presents Richard T. Skurla “Explorations & Experimentations”

May 1-25

Haley-Henman Contemporary Art in collaboration with Art on Henderson proudly presents Richard T. Skurla’s exhibition of paintings and sculptures, titled “Explorations & Experimentaions, as part of a two-person show that features the ink drawings of Todd Camplin.

Mr. Skurla brings abstract expressionism and fauve-like colors together to create explosive imagery of color, shape, line and mass. His process relishes experiments in oil paint, its infinite range of color, vibrancy and textures, and explores the third dimension in sculptures defined as “Volumetrics”. Leaning heavily on the legacy of Jackson Pollock, he raises the question of how we understand abstraction in today’s postmodern context.

For Mr. Skurla, his explorations and experimentations are deeply personal and reflect his spiritual connection to God and the natural world. Each work invites the viewer to make their own connections to the universe and to personalize their own reactions to an abstraction that does not evoke representation of a concrete “thing” reality, but encourages feelings and thoughts, and the play of memories floating in and out of consciousness as we delve into the layers of color. His art does not tell you what to think. In a time when we are flooded with visual images that define the collective approval of style, be it kittens or bunnies, sunsets or ocean waves, Mr. Skurla wants the viewer to define for themselves their own alternative understanding.

Mr. Skurla is a graduate of Texas A&M, with his BFA from the University of Texas at Arlington and a MFA from Stephen F. Austin State University. He attended art workshops and classes at Southern Methodist University’s School of Art and with artists Gregg Kreutz, Wolf Khan, Kevin Macpherson, Ann Templeton, and Bob Rohm. His work is in the corporate collections of JCPenny and Baylor University, and in many private collections. He currently teaches art at colleges and universities in the Waco area and is the owner/director of Silver Maple Gallery.


Haley-Henman at Art on Henderson
1802 McMillan on the corner of Henderson