Canceled! Fort Worth Opera presents Zorro

April 26-30
Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 5 pm

2020 marks the fourth year of Noches de Ópera, Fort Worth Opera’s popular celebration of Spanish language operas, with the world premiere of composer-librettist Hector Armienta’s Zorro at the legendary Ridglea Theater. Based on the pulp fiction novels of writer Johnston McCulley, this explosive new opera, led by visionary stage director Octavio Cardenas, is filled with romance, danger, and suspense. Featuring one of pop culture’s most iconic, sword-wielding vigilantes, this swashbuckling adventure will thrill audiences of all ages!
The action begins in early 19th century Spain within the Mountain Fortress of the Order of Zarzueta. A scholarly student named Diego (stunning Mexican-born tenor César Delgado) trains to become a master swordsman and a skilled marksman. One fateful day, his enlightened master carves a letter “Z” into his upper arm and sends him back to the place of his birth in Alta, California. There it is said he will find his destiny and give the Order a new life. Once he arrives in the New Spain, he encounters an old flame, the beguiling Carlotta (mezzo-soprano Guadalupe Paz), the passionate Ana Maria (soprano Gabriella Enríquez), the villainous Moncada (acclaimed Mexican baritone Octavio Moreno), and a grave evil like none he has faced before. Donning a black mask to conceal his true identity, Zorro is born, and he wields his sharp sword to fight for the oppressed.

Ridglea Theater
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd,
Fort Worth
In Spanish and English