Fort Works Art presents Eric Inkala: Picking Up the Pieces and Jay Wilkinson: Honey Bee

Sept. 5-Oct. 19

Tuesday-Friday 11am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm

Fort Works Art is pleased to present Picking Up the Pieces, a solo exhibition featuring Brooklyn-based artist Eric Inkala in our Main Gallery. The exhibition will run from September 4 through October 19, 2019, with an artist reception on Saturday, September 7th for Fort Worth’s Fall Gallery Night. ‘Picking Up the Pieces’ is Inkala’s return to the gallery following his participation in the massive group show #28grams in 2017 and comprises over fifteen acrylic on canvas paintings created within the last year. Focusing on large-scale works, he has produced several monumental pieces that are the largest the artist has ever created for a gallery setting.

In the same vein as KAWS and Keith Haring, Eric Inkala’s graffiti-turned-contemporary paintings depict environments of emotional expression and abstract escapades emphasized by bold color palettes. He uses a vocabulary full of cartoon-like imagery to explore and work through themes of love, mortality, coping and coming back from loss. Inkala’s paintings present a playful graphic language in the form of a signature character who serves as a vehicle for an autobiographical narrative. It’s through this personal storyline that he is able to illustrate thoughts and emotions with expressions of shape, color and text.


Inkala uses a deceivingly complex process to design his imagery by drawing, cutting, and re-assembling the broken-up form to come up with an intricate pattern. He will masterfully hand paint these unique compositions with an extreme machine-like precision that exemplifies putting the pieces back together. Three years ago, as Inkala was gearing up for his first group-exhibition with the gallery, he experienced a personal tragedy that upended his desire to paint. The artist found a way to deal with the emotional aftermath by channeling it into long hours in the studio obsessively continuing to make work. As a result, this new series has grown to be a dynamic body of paintings in which Inkala renders his own ‘return of spirit’ with skillfully executed line and color compositions that depict a deeper connection to his practice.


Honey Bee will feature over 30 graphite on paper drawings that showcase small-scale portrait studies of those who have inspired the artist, whether friend, fellow artist, or complete stranger. In a return to his childhood roots, Wilkinson created these highly detailed and expressive portraits using a medium he is not widely known for – graphite.

Rendered in Wilkinson’s distinctive style, each drawing is based on the artist’s own point-and-shoot photography taken while either traveling or exploring his own Fort Worth, Texas.



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