Dino Fest at the Perot Museum

Aug. 31 and Sept. 1
10 am-4 pm

Ride the iconic T. rexcalator to the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall to watch fossil preparators in the glass-encased Paleo Lab carefully extract 60-million-year-old fossils from large blocks of rock. These current fossil blocks are from the North Slope of Alaska, well north of the Arctic Circle, where Museum paleontologists have discovered two new dinosaur species in recent years – Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum and Nanuqusaurus hoglundi. Fossil preparators have already uncovered ribs, jaws and hipbones from these latest blocks, so guests may witness the unearthing of another new species!

Join Museum scientists on their paleo adventures through a series of inspiring, behind-the-scenes paleo talks. Fresh from his 22nd field season to Alaska, Perot Museum Chief Curator and Vice President of Research and Collections Dr. Anthony Fiorillo will share how his groundbreaking work in the Arctic connects to the intriguing specimens displayed throughout the Museum. Dr. Ron Tykoski, the Museum’s curator of vertebrate paleontology, will explain how scientists are working to answer questions about dinosaur lifestyles and behavior. Also, Museum geologists and fossil preparators will lead visitors to uncover clues left behind in the fossil record, provide a how-to on fossil preparation, and explore the final moments of the reign of dinosaurs just before and after the infamous asteroid impact.

Search for fossils modeled after the real discoveries made by Perot Museum scientists in dino dig pits on the Plaza, and get up-close with live birds from Window to the Wild. Take a picture with Roxy, the Museum’s roaming life-sized velociraptor primed for pre-historically perfect selfies, and preserve a paleo memory in a themed photo booth. Investigate how geologists and paleontologists determine the age of ancient life in “Dating Fossils,” and win original sketches from the Museum’s paleo staff by competing in Dino Trivia. Find out how scientists determine what dinosaurs looked like with “Illustrating the Past,” and find out the surprising connections between prehistoric dinosaurs and birds in “What is a Dinosaur? Bird Edition.”


Perot Museum
2201 N. Field Street
Ticket price: $20 adults $18 seniors $13 children