Craighead Green Gallery presents Carolyn Brown: Cowboy Diaries: Mechelle O’Michael: Karma on demand: and Toni Swarthout: Dialogue

June 22-July 26

Here in Texas is an equally fascinating analogy of customs and culture—inhabitants from Caddo Lake in East Texas and those from North Texas Fort Worth Stockyards.  Both speak English, each in a different way— with influences—perhaps one from France and one from Spain and/or Germany.  One is a hunting and fishing community living in the cypress forest, the other represents the old West cattle-herding cowboys of the grassy plains on the Chisolm Trail.  Both filled my camera viewfinder with incredible imagery that I cherish.

Mechelle O’Michael’s, Karma on Demand, will include free standing and wall mounted painted metal sculptures. Her focus, as the title of the show hence, is about finding peace wherever you are. The pieces are meant to bring a since of calm to the viewer and their environment. She received her Masters degree from Houston Baptist University Masters of Fine Art, and BA from UT Austin in 2013. O’Michael’s work is in public and private collections across the nation.

American born artist Toni Swarthout has worked for decades as a contemporary abstract painter.  She paints in a series format, demonstrating her ever-evolving and distinctive style.  On display at Craighead Green Gallery, the work from this new “Dialogue Series”, consists of strong colors and lines that are born out of, as the artist calls it, “chaos”, followed with “order”.    The works convey the depth and balance that can be achieved in the midst of chaos.  She approaches life in much the same way, always finding the meaning and depth in even the most unfamiliar moments. Her technical approach moves and changes in each new series, yet there is always her familiar, distinctive tone within each new piece. Expectations based on work itself are her most useful tools. In other words, anything she needs to know about the next piece is contained in the last piece.  And, anything that she loves is in the last contact with what she loves.  In this new series, the viewer can follow this distinct dialogue, which lends itself to the transformation of each new piece.  Swarthout’s inspiration is derived from her studies of the great abstract painters, such as Rothko, Twombly, Mitchell, and Richter, to name a few.

Craighead green Gallery
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