Craighead Gallery presents Heather Gorham A Cure for Gravity

Nov. 23-Jan. 4

Imagination is the cure. Art and imagination elevate us, provide us a transformative experience to smooth our collective furrowed brow. Like most, I create work that helps me make sense of the world around me. This crazy, crazy world.
My work is about heart, about giving form to feelings, especially those that we may not have an exact word for. Creating art using not only my own stories but images conjured from remnants of dreams, overheard conversations, poetry, bits of songs, anything that sparks an image full of feeling for me. If I’m lucky they keep at me like an itch or maybe something more pleasant, say a insatiable craving for something sweet, asking to be made. I want to transform these pesky little demons of curiosity into a story told through paint and sculpture. My work is a direct reflection of both the ridiculousness and the beauty of being human.

Craighead Green Gallery
1011 dragon St.