Cara Mía Theatre presents the Dallas Premiere of Swimming While Drowning

Nov. 30-Dec. 15

A coming-of-age story about resilience set in a homeless LGBTQ shelter

Angelo and Mila are fifteen and homeless. Angelo is chasing dreams while Mila is chasing survival. When they become roommates at a shelter for LGBTQ teens, they build a fragile bond that inspires them to reach for understanding and self-acceptance. Emilio Rodríguez’s coming-of-age story fearlessly explores the resilience of young gay and trans teens

Latino Cultural Center
2600 live Oak


This show runs approximately 80 minutes with no intermission and no re-entry.

This play contains adult language and a brief moment of intimacy. If you have any concerns about content or age-appropriateness, please call the Box Office at 214-516-0706.