Bath House Cultural Center presents Conversation: Landscape Painting as Movement at Rest and Perceptive Nature

Aug. 31-Sept. 28

The Bath House Cultural Center presents Conversation: Landscape Painting as Movement at Restan exhibition featuring three Major Dallas Landscape Painters, Mary Vernon, Barnaby Fitzgerald, and Lin Medlin.  The exhibition offers three different perspectives on the idea of mobility in painting.

The artists present works carefully chosen to reveal how we find motion in an immobile work of art. In their exhibition Conversation: Landscape Painting as Movement at Rest, the three painters suggest that the movement of the eye and the body in real landscape leaves a trace in the painted one.


Perceptive Nature is an art exhibition that features works created in a variety of media that reflect the numerous creative approaches that artists choose when they explore the concept of nature.  The title of the show refers not only to the fact that, for this particular project, the natural world is the main source of inspiration for the five participating artists, but also to the inherent and distinguishing attributes of curiosity and observation belonging to the artists who unceasingly view their surroundings in rather insightful and sensitive ways.


Bath House Cultural Center

521 E. Lawther Road