Bath House Cultural Center Exhibits: Migratory and Portals… An Entrance, a Doorway a Journey

July 6-Aug. 3

Migration is an ever-present natural phenomenon that occurs all around us in a multiplicity of ways.  Whether human or non-human, migration is an activity that offers an extraordinary view into the complexity of how the world and the universe work.  Migration conveys different meanings and notions:  It can be perceived as beautiful and consistent with nature or it can be seen as an inevitable instrument of change and transformation that is necessary for survival.
The Migratory exhibition explores different types of human and non-human migration with art that studies the causes, actions and effects of people, animals, or things moving from one place to another.  The participating artists look at that process of motion from various perspectives and present works that involve subject matter related to nomadic activity, change of position or location, and migratory behavior.

number of months, fourteen visual artists from the DFW region have worked together to bring about a project titled Portals… An Entrance, a Doorway a Journey.  The artwork resulting from this project is being presented as a new exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center this summer.

The pieces featured in the Portals exhibition, made with a variety of materials and techniques, convey an assortment of views and ideas that are informed by the concept of portals and other types of entrances or passages.   One of the first physical elements that serves as a fitting foundation for the artwork is that the shape of all the artists’ frames mimics the architectural design of a window or door.   Although all the pieces share this common structural characteristic, the work that was produced is certainly diverse, as artists were asked to interpret the theme in their own personal and unique way, using the media of their choice, and imagining what they might find if they were to pass through a doorway, peek through a window, or take a journey beyond a portal.  Among the final pieces are works that explore narratives connected to nature, dreams, family, politics, literature, and fantasy.  Also included are abstract works that aim to celebrate the beauty and expressiveness of shapes, colors and texture.


Bath House Cultural Center
521 E Lawther,